MotorTrend® Certified Vehicles 

A better way to buy a better car

MotorTrend Certified of Orlando is proud to offer MOTORTREND CERTIFIED Vehicles. Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles give you the option to buy a like-new car with new-car peace of mind, all at a significantly lower price.

MOTORTREND Certified goes even further and upgrades your ownership experience with benefits you won't find anywhere else. Don't look anywhere else, come by MOTORTREND Orlando today! 

  • Warranty repair coverage
  • Paintless dent repair
  • Lost & damaged key replacement

            … all at no extra cost!

Plus, you get the added assurance that your MOTORTREND Certified Vehicle has been:

  • INSPECTED thoroughly inspected by a certified MOTORTREND technician
  • UPGRADED with a comprehensive warranty and exclusive benefits from EasyCare®
  • GUARANTEED to be the best value or we'll refund the difference


1 Mechanical coverage may include remaining full factory warranty, factory certified warranty or EasyCare® Limited Warranty coverage. Some damage may not be capable of being repaired using the method(s) set forth herein. Such determination shall be made within the sole discretion of the repair technician. The Issuing Provider in Florida is Automobile Protection Corporation - APCO under license number 60080. The Issuing Provider in Texas is Warranty Support Services LLC. The Issuing Provider is subject to change.
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