Deciding whether you should buy a rear-wheel-drive car or a front-wheel-drive car can be a tough decision. This decision should ultimately be based on quite a few factors, including what kind of driver you are and what type of weather conditions you typically drive in.

Owning a rear-wheel-drive car has many advantages. This type of vehicle is simple and can ultimately take a lot of abuse without needing expensive repairs. You will also find that your vehicle has better balance when driving a rear-wheel-drive car when compared to a front-wheel-drive car. This is ultimately due to better handling.

Owning a front-wheel-drive car also has its advantages. The first advantage of driving this type of vehicle is economy. This type of vehicle is cheaper to design, meaning it has fewer parts than a rear-wheel-drive car. Aside from this advantage, a front-wheel-drive car also has better traction in weather conditions such as rain and snow. This type of vehicle is very capable in poor weather conditions.


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