Automobiles are filled with technologies that help keep you safe, which include auto-dimming rearview mirrors. Here at Motor Trend of Orlando, we like to help Orlando, FL drivers learn about how the features of their vehicles work, so let's find out more about auto-dimming rearview mirrors.

Headlights from a trailing car can cause glare in your rearview mirror, which can postpone your reaction time by up to 1.4 seconds. Although this doesn't seem like much time, a car that's traveling 60 mph will move more than 123 feet in that time. Auto-dimming rearview mirrors use a process called electrochromism to darken the mirror.

Auto-dimming rearview mirrors usually have two sensors, which are semiconductors or cameras. When these sensors detect glare from headlights, they will send an appropriate charge to an electrochromic gel. This gel goes through oxidation-reduction reactions that darken it from its original state. The darker gel restricts how much light will reflect on the driver's face so that vision isn't hindered.

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