Many of our customers at MotorTrend Certified of Orlando are pet parents. We help them buy pet-friendly vehicles so they can drive their pups around Orlando. We want to help you as well, so consider these tips when buying your next pet-friendly automobile.

Dogs normally ride in the backseat, so pay special attention to this area when buying a vehicle. If your dog is small, choose an automobile with bucket-style seats in the back. However, if your dog is large, bench seats are the preferred option.

Dogs can get overheated, so backseat climate control is also important. Choose a vehicle that allows you to adjust the temperature from the front seat so your dog will stay cool during those long rides. Also, consider buying an automobile with sunshades so the sun doesn't beat down on your pet. Stop by MotorTrend Certified of Orlando to test drive vehicles that have these features and more.


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