If you've heard the term 'backup camera' recently and you're curious about what it means, we're here to help. Backup cameras are a new safety feature deemed necessary by the government and are required to be put in new vehicles as of 2018. The devices can certainly help you out in certain situations, which we'll outline for you now.

Backup cameras allow you to see behind your car in ways that traditional mirrors just ... don't. You're familiar with the blind spot immediately behind your back bumper, right? Well, that's essentially the purpose of the backup camera - to allow you to see a live visual of that blind spot, so you no longer have to crane your neck to make sure you're not running over your dog.

Backup cameras are one safety feature that will certainly come in handy while driving anywhere. If you're wondering what using one is like, then come try out one of our vehicles today. Here at MotorTrend Certified in Orlando, we strive to help our customers as best we can

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